We had this made a long time ago to promote the beta app we discuss here. Hopefully it can clarify some of our aims!


Life Aspects

These are areas of life worth categorizing, and when creating them you’ll be able to assign them a color and give a brief description about what this area of life is in your words for our task management software can keep track of everything for you. They’ll appear throughout the app as searchable hashtags and displayed on the calendar highlighting specific dates and events in our prioritization tool.


When it comes to notifications and reminders, all of these are color-coded based on Life Aspect and prioritization scale depending on whether it’s personal or collaborative. You can choose the notification settings at your leisure in our prioritization tool! Prioritization Station settings decide how you’ll be notified about tasks related to that project, both in frequency and urgency.


These are the simple things that you do every day to bring yourself closer to your goals. For personal tasks, you can make these as an outline of a plan in our Prioritization Station for the completion of a goal or assign them according to the members of your team for a task!


These can be a collaborative or a personal venture. Set a loose tenure for how long you plan to be working to achieve it, and associate it with any area of life or group project depending on whatever it may be. You can also keep an archive to see how far you’ve come!


To Optio, these are collaborative undertakings with the ability to assign members tasks, outline a strategy, set goals, upload relevant documents, and schedule meetings! These can be assigned relevancy on a prioritization scale with its own color-code, which will tell us how often and intensely you would like to be notified about events related to this specific project!


With daily, weekly, and monthly displays we have you covered down to the minute. Every personal event is color-coded based on the Life Aspect in our free task management app, and every group project ranked on urgency. All of this comes with a Google Calendar integration to make life just that much easier.

Prioritization Station!

Helping our user take life and break it down into manageable parts, and providing them a foundation


While we are speeds by.

– Seneca