Our Story

Our story begins 2,000 years ago in the Roman Legions. The position of Optio was created to aid the centurion, the commander of a century. They were the right-hand men of these leaders and were known for covering a litany of varying positions, each more diverse than the last. There were so many types that to list them all here would be nigh impossible. This organization was founded in the same spirit as these Roman legionaries, our goals always remaining the same: to help our community members, app users, and social media followers; who we collectively refer to as Centurions. We create educational and motivational content, and our main project is currently wrapped up in the overhaul and redesign of the first edition of our app, which is what all proceeds from Patreon ultimately go toward.


Drew Fetters – of Optio

A hapless young man that initiated the app idea in high school after finding himself on the brink of failure, began on paper. He then pursued this idea to its inevitable conclusion through years of ups and downs. He also authored the book Where Purple Meets Yellow, which he is currently pursuing publication for. Viewing the world through the lens of history and philosophy, he based Optio on similar principles. After stumbling through the dark wilderness of ignorance he found himself with an app. Knowing he can do better, however, he spends a lot of time designing newer and better versions to develop in the future!.

Abishek Dey – Manager

A person who loves physics and astronomy that started a science page on Instagram (@modernsciencex) while studying two years ago for his bachelor’s degree in physics, because he wants to spread knowledge about science and technology to everyone through the medium of social media. With the skills he has acquired in growing his own page, he’s joined the Optio Community. He did so a year ago after finding something intriguing about the new community, and he took leap of faith and joined. He now works as the social media manager for the Optio Community in an effort to help us grow!